The Z-CARD® has been launched in Kenya following a partnership between Ramco Printing Works Ltd and Pocket Media Solution. Speaking during the launch party held on 11th October 2011. Managing Director for Z-CARD® Africa, Middle East, India and Turkey (ZAMI), John Davis said the launch could not have happened at a better time. "With over 900-million consumers in 53 Countries, Africa has been growing at almost 5% each year since 2000, making it the world's third fastest growing region."

Ramco Printing will now start offering this new innovative marketing solution to leading Kenyan companies that are keen on finding new ways of enhancing continued brand loyalty. Admitting that consumer attitudes are constantly changing, Ramco Printing Works Ltd Managing Director, Amit Patel noted that marketers too needed to change their way of communicating with their customers."We are excited by the prospects for PocketMedia® in Kenya. Gone are the days where a traditional brochure is all there is on offer."

Z-CARD® offers Kenya the opportunity to generate growth in various sectors including telecommunications, tourism and banking. Government sectors like health, education and safety and security are also solid markets. "We welcome the association with ZAMI and believe that Kenya offers a broad spectrum of opportunity for the use of the Z-CARD® and PocketMedia® products," adds Amit Patel.

Z-CARD® operates on a folding system that makes it possible to collapse a large printed sheet into a business card size pocket booklet. They are ideally suited to applications where the promoter wants their customers to keep a lot of information in a small durable portable format, which can always be retained.

At present all of the Z-CARD® formats, as well as other creative forms of PocketMedia®, are already on offer in the country and can be custom designed to suit the needs of a specific campaign. These range from of various sizes and formats as well as numerous add-ons, such as scratch cards, pouches, snap card, die cuts, perforations etc.