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z cards in kenya, Print Press in Kenya,Z- Printing in KenyaZ-CARD®

Z-card, Z- Printing in Kenya, Maps printingWhat is Z-CARD®?

The Z-CARD® is all about delivering compact, concise communication in an innovative, appealing way which you can easily fit into your customers’ pockets and wallets. Envision it as your brand’s secret weapon, guaranteed to reach out to your target market in a way that will make them pause and take notice.

This portable marketing tool has enabled leaders in various markets to push their brands to a higher level of success.

With 75% of the Top 100 World’s Most Valuable Brands using the Z-CARD®, its revolutionary nature is evident.

Ramco Printing Works Ltd has been appointed as the PocketMedia® hub for East Africa and is the only authorized production facility with the machinery to produce the Z-CARD® in Kenya.

How can Z-CARD® benefit you?

1) Drive Sales

The Z-CARD® can be used to drive sales through creating brand awareness, promotion and informing your target market on your products and services. It can be used in any industry with its accrued benefits already evident in banks, retail outlets and FMCGs.

2) Inform and Inspire

Not only is the Z-CARD® appealing and innovative in its nature, it passes along vital information that would have otherwise been hard to covey in a compact and concise pack. Ideal for directories, loyalty cards, instruction manuals and educational material.

3) Maps

The origin of the idea for the Z-CARD® lies in the George McDonald’s need for a non-bulky way to carry maps and research while he was a travel writer, bringing forth a new and innovative way to carry information whilst on the go.

The Z-CARD® comes in three standard sizes:
• Credit card (54 x 85mm)
• Pocket (78 x 108mm)
• Handy (105 x 145mm)