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Ramco Printing is a key member of The Ramco Group, a conglomerate of over 40 companies committed to delivering personalized services at the corporate level in all its sectors.


A Strong Base

The Ramco Group is based in Nairobi, Kenya where it was founded in 1948 and has now expanded to include over 1500 employees. Nairobi is East Africa's economic hub and it provides the group's businesses with an ideal location for serving clients over the entire region.

The Entrepreneur's Spirit

The Ramco Group has come a long way from its roots, but its customer facing ethos, the heart of entrepreneurship, remains its driving force and its defining element. It is the ability to maintain the outlook of a small enterprise with

the size and capabilities of a large company that set all our businesses apart in their respective fields.

As we continue to grow and diversify as a group, delivering a personalized service at the corporate level is something we will strive to maintain.

Our Mission Statement

To excel in every venture.

Our Vision

To be a world class conglomerate.

Our Business Sectors

- Design & Pre-press
- Printing
- Packaging
- Paper
- Stainless Steel Manufacture, Trading & Fabrication
- Hardware & Building Material
- Office Stationery
- IT Distribution & Automation
- Travel
- Property
- Hire Purchase